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Renting a carpet cleaning machine


Do I attempt to clean my carpets or upholstery?

Renting equipment to do any type of work normnally means it is something you dont do day in day out, or have any expereince, but you will have a go.

When it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning machine you head to your local supermarket or diy shop.

You pick it up and put it in the back of your vehicle.


Thats the first thing you should consider.

It is so small and light how can it give you the  power you need.


Now compare that to the  expereinced technician. There machine in the back of a van were hoses of upto 100 feet can be attached. Some even longer.

Solutions we use are best in class. Different solutions for different issues.

Understanding the fibre and fabric you are dealing with.

Water pressure place a huge part. As an example the rental would probably have a maximum of say 30psi. We generally use upto 300 psi but can go much higher than that.

Heat is great for killing bacteria. Our machine can generate heat upto 150f. This is hot enough to kill bacteria. Your purchase is just hot water from the tap that reduces in heat quickly.

Vaccum power is also critical. Removing as much moisture as possible. Ours has been calclated at 95% removal. Rentals about 60%

That 30% difference is vast and dangerous for you and your wallet.


So What Are The Hidden Dangers?

Well, they positively are available that is without a doubt, and we incidentally SEE the outcome – and redress issues usually experienced

with them. I will show them – and on the off chance that you have utilized one preceding you may see one of them – or even every one of


1) Poor results – Power from the machines and chemistry.

2) Damp floor coverings for quite a long time – bringing on odours

3) Mold development – Water trapped in underlay

4) Delamination- brought about by over wetting or over scrubbing

5) Browning and wicking – brought about by over wetting

6) Shrinkage – brought about by unnecessary dampness or fibre water sensitive.



So what are the true costs to you?



The hiring of the machine is £29.99

Travel to rental shop £ 5.00

Chemicals required £ 20.00

You cleaning What is your time worth

What is your experience?  What am I cleaning?

£54.00 for your living room + uncertainty. If not done right, won’t dry, and starts to smell.



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