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Carpet cleaning in Liverpool is a daily occurrence. Whether it is your bedroom, lounge, or business premises, we deliver the best results for you.

We advise that furnishings are professionally cleaned at least every twelve months. More often, if you have pets. This, like any other service, extends the longevity of the product.

Why choose us?

We use truck mounts and powerful portable equipment for superior results. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Insured for peace of mind.

Fully trained to the highest standards with over twenty years of hands-on experience.

We use a variety of alkaline liquids and powders, acid solutions, and stain-removing products to help us achieve the very best results.

We use the very best equipment and vast knowledge. We know you are going to receive great results.

We use pressured steam to penetrate deep into the fibres. Both heat and steam vapour break down the soil particles. Using our skills and twenty years plus of experience using suitable chemicals to maximise our results.

Last but not least, we have the power of van-mounted vacuum suction and water flow to flush all that suspended soiling straight back into our waste tank, leaving your items sanitised, fresh, and dry within a few hours.

Carpet Cleaners in Liverpool

Our preferred method is hot water extraction. We also use powerful portables for the likes of flats or other difficult areas to reach.

Freshwater, fluids, and wastewater are contained in our van

Water is pumped straight from the van at temperature, then sucked back to the van and into our waste container so no tipping dirty water into your sink or toilet.

Our machine can sustain temperatures above 100f with a powerful suction which will extract moisture better than any other method.

The process

After vacuuming, we apply a mild pre-spray which helps loosen loose soil and break down any greasy contaminants. Then steam extraction with a mild rinse takes place.

This neutralises any alkaline pre-spray, leaving a neutral PH balance with no sticky residue, which can cause rapid re-soiling. We remove as much moisture as possible. Not only does the truck mount power extract most of the water, but it also lifts the pile, making it look and feel nearly new again.

Your fibres are now sanitised and damp. We can (if you need ultra-fast drying) move in with the air movers. Rapid drying is available using air movers. These circulate air over the fibres aiding them to dry in minutes instead of hours.

So there you have it, we are sure you will find our services the best you have experienced and hopefully, you’ll recommend us to all your friends and business colleagues.

Fabric Upholstery Cleaners Liverpool

Utilising our expert training and the same machinery, different solutions using tools tailored for your sofa. Eliminating water marks, and grubby marks from head grease. We use specific solutions which are applied and agitated.

This helps with breaking down the ingrained soils and stains. We start on the back, then the sides. We then concentrate on the busier areas. If double-sided, we address both sides.

Once completed, we wipe down the whole sofa using a new dry white towels. This allows us to check all dirt has been removed, wipe the nap back into place, and also lift any minuscules of moisture improving drying times. Only trained operatives should address this type of work. Damage, most times, can not be undone.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Taking care of your sofa should be actioned every twelve months. You should not have cracks or splits. This indicates a lack of nourishment that hides must have to preserve their suppleness.

This is how we deal with leather upholstery. Check for colour runs. We do this by placing a dry white cloth with a small quantity of the  product we hope to use.

Any transfer of dye will advise that we need to amend the solution and re-check. Once we are happy we can proceed.

1/ We wash the sofa with a dedicated alkaline solution . Addressing all sections. This breaks down the grease build-ups and some stains. Next, we repeat the process using our dedicated leather upholstery  cream. This product re-nourishes the leather. Doing this gives the hide the suppleness.

Stain Guard

This application applies an invisible barrier. In the event of liquid spillage, you have time to mop, so nothing sinks and penetrates the underlay. There is an additional cost for this service. Please ask your technician for details.

Urine Removal 

This service is very popular. Removing this odour is not as easy as you may think. Urine contains ammonia and salts. When rehydrated, they make the area smell.

To eliminate this, we examine the area of concern. This may just be a few dots to larger areas.

If the urine can be removed during the steam cleaning process, this is great. We post-treat the area with a specialist solution.

For the more intense areas, we may have to remove the underlay and refit the new underlay.

This would be identified during our survey when using our UV torch.

The number of times people purchase shop products, then contact me when they have no success. There is a procedure we carry out to ensure success.


Mattress Cleaning

We sleep a third of our life in bed. We sweat, slobber, and have sex.

Where does all this moisture go? Yes, into the mattress. And hidden in here are the hidden items such as dust mites, bacteria, grease, and blood. Some microscopic creatures can cause some allergies to be more severe.

Not nice when you are reading this, is it? So our mattress cleaning service can help you have a great night’s sleep knowing how sanitised you are.

Rental Machines 

You may consider attempting to carry out the task yourself. Please ensure you must understand what you are doing, and the results you get against what you expect.

Such as items remain damp for a few days and now a lingering smell is very apparent, plus shrinkage. It is not as clean or even remains the same when finished. Where have those marks come from that were not there before?



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