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When you need to hire a professional to sanitise your carpets and upholstery in Haydock, be it residential or commercial, it’s important to ensure that they have the necessary experience, training, and insurance.

In my twenty years of experience in this industry, I have come across many start-ups that only care about making a quick profit. They often lack the knowledge to identify the type of fibre and rent machines that lack power and use poor-quality products.

Knowing the type of fibre is critical to avoid issues like colour bleeding or shrinkage. Different materials require different methods and temperatures, just like the cycles on a washing machine.

For instance, we had a customer who attempted to clean their carpets with a rental machine but had little success. We asked them many questions to understand their specific needs. We don’t use the same shampoo as rental machines.

Instead, we have an arsenal of alkalines, acids, gels, dedicated stain removers, and tricks of the trade.

Our chemistry-based approach eliminates visible problems, while steam helps eliminate unseen ones like dust mites, bacteria, and odours.


Haydock Carpet Cleaners

We conduct a survey for every job to check for fitting, burn marks, and fibre identification. This helps us advise on the expected outcome. After vacuuming, we apply our solution under pressure, moving furniture to access hard-to-reach areas. We let the chemicals work for at least ten minutes before using our truck mount.

The truck mount is set up with a water pressure of 400psi and temperature set to steam vapour. To neutralise, we add a capful of acid to the freshwater tank, leaving a pH of 7.5.

In the recovery tank, we add several capfuls of defoamer to control foam levels. We work from the furthest point and check regularly to ensure the best possible outcome.

Working backwards, checking our work constantly. The vacuums are powerful and remove around 90% of the moisture.

Air movers are used to speed up the drying. Depending on fibre and room humidity, these range from 30 minutes to 3 hours.


Urine Extraction

Accidents happen and we try to remove this ourselves. However, pee is a liquid and will sink if you think about it. Trying to eliminate it can be a problem. Colour changes and odours are the main reason we are contacted.



It’s probably the irritant of most homeowners. Dropped food, drinks, and body issues such as vomit. We use dedicated solutions for these.



Upholstery Cleaners Haydock

Furniture cleaning is intricate. We use specific chemicals when working on your sofa.

Identification is critical. Get it wrong and you can’t rectify it.

This is what we do.

Identify the fabric.

Whichever yarn we are dealing with, we will vacuum to remove any loose debris.

Most can be wet cleaned. When using this system, we always start at the rear and work our way to the front.

The seating, headrests, and arms are normally the dirtiest.

Agitation and dwell time are important. Using a small hand tool around 4 inches wide, we do lots and wet and dry passes.

Once complete, we wipe down with a fresh terry towel. Our air movers are put into position to speed up the drying times.


Carpet Cleaning Rental Machine Haydock

If you are contemplating hiring a machine to tackle the work yourself, may I caution you?

Doing the work yourself can create more problems for you. But let us dive into the cost you can expect.

First, you have to go and collect it.

What costs are there?

Rental £19.99

Shampoo £14.00

Stain Remover £4.99

Tea and Coffee £9.99

So let’s say shy of £50.00

Then you bring it home. Set it up.

Do the work yourself.

What you will experience is a lack of power, unable to create steam. You will find the solutions are of poor quality.

Can take days to dry. You may get a funny smell that won’t go away, or you could even experience shrinkage, if you don’t know what the fibre is.

When the work is complete, you now return the machine.




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