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We are your local carpet cleaners in Widnes.

Our staff have all attended courses run by Ncca and Iicrc. This is where the basics are taught from fibre identification, methods and chemicals for many furnishing’s.

These courses become more intense with the intermediate and advanced. No member of staff works alone who has not only qualified but has also been in the field with one of our seasoned technicians learning advanced plus secret techniques.

So how are your furnishings looking? Are they grubby, have blemishes, smell? You become used to your surrounding, but visitors will not. As the expression goes, first impressions do matter.

Costing of our services is not expensive. As an example, one flight of standard stairs would be £30.00. The living room starts at £55.00.

Using our truck mount machinery and portable’s backed up with over twenty years of experience.

Not only that, our solutions are the best in the business, but you also cannot use inferior products to produce staggering results. Only quality will count.

So what do we do?

Before anything takes place, we will take a survey of furnishings. This is a requirement for our insurance policy.


Widnes Carpet cleaners

What this tells us is this.

What your fibre is. Is it man-made, wool, or a combination? We determine this by taking a small fibre and lighting it. How it burns and smells is gives us the answer we need.

We can now determine the correct method to use, heat, and water pressure.

I can also advise the customer how long it will take, plus what results they can expect, including drying times.


Before any work takes place, we hoover. This is a very important part of the process. Not only does this remove around 85% of any loose contaminants, but it also shows us which way the pile should be.

A typical living room can take up to ten minutes. Using the compass method, going back and forth, east, and west. We want as much dry soil in the vacuum.

The ph. strengths range from 2.5 for the acids, 7.5 neutral, rising to 13 for the alkaline. Also included in our arsenal are gels, tea and coffee stain removers, deodorisers, oxy agents, rust and red wine removal products.

Stain removal is very important. These can become an eyesore, so we do our utmost to dislodge these for you.

Our machines can generate heat to 150f. The vacuum system can recover water from 150 feet away.

Compare this power and technology against the DIY solutions.

We will liberally apply our solution, which will then be agitated and left to dwell for ten minutes at least.

We can now proceed. Normally, a psi pressure of 300 is used with a temperature of around 130f.

This level of heat suffices to remove dust mites, grease, grime and most odours.


Odours come in a multitude of ways.

From urine to general smells.

Using dedicated odour eating chemicals, we can put these either in our freshwater system, or apply when the work is completed, or we way do both. It just depends on the level of stink we are dealing with.

If you would like more information about using our service, please see here.


Leather Upholstery

This is a porous product and can be damaged if tackled by someone who is not trained in this field. Being able to identify the hide is essential. Does the pigment run? Is removal of grease required, if so how do we do this?

Fabric Sofa

Again, different solutions, smaller detailed hand tools are required when sanitising your upholstery.  First, we pre-vacuum any loose contaminants. Our furniture chemical is then applied. We agitate this either by hand using a soft brush or a drill brush.


Why not consider having your items stain guarded after cleaning. One of our team can demonstrate this for you.

This is an application applied when all works are completed. It creates a barrier for all fibres so should a spillage occur the liquid will reside on the surface allowing you time to dab this up.


Renting a machine.

The DIY enthusiast may be contemplating tackling their furnishing. There are a lot of pitfalls you need to consider.

1/ What is this fibre? Artificial, natural, mixed? Can you identify the difference? We can.

2/ Are my stains removable. Will I make them worse or permanent? What chemicals do I use and how much? Will tea, coffee, red wine be removed?

3/ You then have drying times to consider. It takes 2 hours on average. You could be looking at hours or days. If this is the case you could end up with odour issues caused by mildew.

4/ Quality of workmanship. We are trained.





I live in a three storey property. Can your equipment reach?

We carry 120ft of hoses. Reaching the top floor is not a problem

My pet has had accidents. Can you remove this type of stain and the odour?

It is all about chemistry when it comes to stain and odour removal.

Steam will normal destroy any smell, with help of our chemicals and gels to rid stains. We have a high success rate in this type of work.

What are your prices?

Whilst we have standard prices, such as a flight of stairs being £30.00. a standard lounge being £55.00 this can change should extra work be required. Such as stain removal, urine removal, plus other variants. This is why we like ot visit to view your requirements.

Do you have a minimum call out charge?

Yes our minimum call out charge is £35.00

How quickly are you able to visit me?

Pending what needs doing we like to be able to action the works for you as quickly as possible. It all depends on our workload at the time. We do work into the evening should this be an option for you?

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