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Please don’t, it can damage your health?

Cleaning your own carpets can damage your health.

What do I mean by that?

Well, in all forms of trades we have a go ourselves if we can to save money.

Sometimes we are successful and others not.

We can put wallpaper up, take it down if not right, correct or realign. It’s not a science it’s a skill to hang wallpaper correctly.

Cleaning your own carpets or rugs incorrectly can deliver permanent damage but is a science.

Let me explain, and if you could hear my voice you would probably hear the tension of how irritating this is to us professional carpet cleaners.

Keeping your carpets clean is good for the home and environment.

The average homeowner will hoover their carpets twice a week to keep dust under control.

If you have family members who suffer with asthma or has pets every other day.


Using the vacuum on a regular basis is a good start, and there is best way to do this. Also if you hoover has a hepa filter is even better.


When you use your hoover do this at least once a week.

Use the crevice tool to go around the edges of the carpet.

If you have light coloured carpets you may experience the dark edges if you don’t control the dust, and this can be unsightly. Once the dust has penetrated the edges of the carpet it can prove difficult for most experts to remove this permanently. So use the crevice tool.


Hoovering the carpet may sound a tedious chore, however making a carpet last will certainly make your wallet happy.


When you enter a room to vacuum, you would probably start at the doorway, work towards the furthest part of the room, and work backwards.

How about you turnaround and work in the opposite direction.

Just doing this opens the fibres and allows for a more thorough result.


And trust me you will be amazed at what you extract into the bin.

Can you remember when you first had your carpets? The fibres were plush, upright.

This technique may help revive that.

So ok we have touched on the general interim maintenance.

Now this is where I become irritable, and you should to.

All homes will experience accidents of food spillages, drink accidents.

When shopping you may have bought the stain removers be it foam, or a liquid.

Now you think you are doing the correct thing.

A spillage occurs, your retrieve the stain remover, apply to the area concerned rub in, and hey most instances it can look as though the stain has gone.

Two things here.

Have your read the instructions? Probably not as you trust the manufacturer.

You will find that in the small print it will say


And I bet you have not

What I have experienced over the years is that once the stain application has thoroughly dried, around 60% of carpets will have been bleached in some way. You will see the rest of the carpets colour, and the fading area.

Sometimes this can be reversed. I mentioned we are scientists.In fact I have been to a property were the lady cleaned all her carpets with foam, around 30 canister’s. Went to bed.

On awaking the next morning the carpet looked like a marble effect.

Resurrection is what the customer was hoping for, what she was told was damaged beyond repair.

In addition to this, this was a rental property. To replace the carpet like for like would have been in excess of 1k, plus all the inconvenience and headache.

If she had contacted me to clean the costing would have been £85.00

Big difference for the DIY attempt.

And when I asked her why she did it this way, her answer was, it’s what I saw on the Tv adverts, they made it look easy.



So my tip for you and to avoid this costly issue is to use my home made remedy.

Now this is our secret so don’t tell anyone.

I advise all my customers of what I use in my home when an accident happens.

Yes I can run out and turn my machines on, but you do not have that luxury.


Instead of spending money lets do this instead.


Spray bottle

Fill this 75% with water, and the balance with white wine vinegar.

This is now your new friend.


So when the accident happens follow this guide.


1/ If solid uplift. If liquid place a clean towel over the area and just apply some pressure. Repeat the process.

2/ Apply the home made stain remover. Gentle massage this into the fibres, from the outside in.

3/Leave for five minutes.

4/ Place a clean towel over area, and wither place a heavy item on it, or just stand on it. Stay still if you are standing on it. Repeat if needed.

5/ Just let it dry.


This remedy does not contain any harsh chemicals which could harm your carpets.

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