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Professional Upholstery Cleaners

If you’ve been wondering what happened to that “New Look” of your furniture, then it’s probably dirty, grease, or stains that need to be cleaned by an expert sofa cleaner.

That brand-fresh look and feel is now looking and feeling a bit of age and worn from split items or pet hair.

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But the problem is, what is the best way to get it clean and vibrant again? One solution that you should explore is using the hot water or steam cleaning method. Sofa cleaning is a process using specific solutions accompanied by powerful machinery to extract those stains and watermarks that have been haunting your eyesight for so long.

How Often Should I have my furnishing cleaned?

It depends on your family situation. However, the general rule of thumb that most people follow is to call a professional at least every 18 months. Now things change when you factor in just how much wear and tear your family or pets inflict upon your furniture. If you have a family that is just prone to spills and accidents or perhaps you have a cat and a dog, schedule some additional cleaning for about twice a year. This gives you the perfect interval of cleaning time so that you and your family can enjoy that fresh look.

Not only will your furniture look and feel a lot newer than before cleaned, but any odours that have been locked in the cushions or materials will also be steam cleaned. Especially crucial as well if you have any pets that are allowed outdoors. Dogs track in dirt and cats can track kitty litter on their paws, which will transfer to any furniture kitty may come in contact with. So now you won’t have to be embarrassed about any kinds of stale or pet odours when you have company or guests visiting.

We Clean thoroughly.

The first thing we need to understand is what fibres are we dealing with to give the correct method for you. The correct clean applies to the fibre identification. You would not clean a silk product using hot water.

There are several cleaning methods available. We are experienced in delivering all methods.

So how would we clean?


We can deal most with using specialist chemicals, steam extraction under low pressure

We ensure that there will be no colour run in the cleaning. I carry a simple test out before confirming this. If the colour transfer happens, then the cleaning system will be used.

1/ Hoover to remove any dust and other particles.

2/Identify any stains and treat those

3/Use the correct cleaning method.

4/Re-examine as we dry off your furniture.

5/ Place an air mover onto the cleaned items to speed up the drying process.

6/ We can also protect your three-piece suite with our fabric protector. I would apply this when touch dry. The curing time for the fabric protector is 3 hours.



We are a nation of pet lovers and over time doggy smells can penetrate the fibres. This is something that can be removed, however, this would also depend on the severity of the odour.

In severe instances where an animal has urinated on the upholstery, we may need to remove the webbing and work from underneath as well.

Should I Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaner

The simple answer is yes. We are trained in our field. We have seen all the pitfalls, problems, and damage the DIY person has done. We have the answers and expertise to address them. If you attempt to do this yourself, the consequences could be costly.




In the picture below, the customer had attempted to action the clean themselves. Once dry, the furniture looked no different.

Water spillages remained very visible.

This is what we did in rectifying this.

1/ Applied a strong alkaline solution which was then brushed in. We repeated this process until we could see a lather.

2/ We then let the chemical dwell for ten minutes. We want the solution to break down the soilage and water stains.

3/ Using our machine, we set the temperature to steam. Water pressure of 150. Starting with the back and working our way forward. Working on the arms, sides, and piping.

I left the seating until last.

Not only was all dirt removed, but so were the watermarks.

This customer also requested we apply a stain guard


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