How odours are removed from carpets and upholstery

Smell comes in many forms. Most commonly smoke, marijuana, pet odours, urine, and vomit plus anything else you can think of.

Normal deodorisers to mask these smells may help a little.

However, like everything not wanted, it needs to be removed correctly and thoroughly.

Problems released from the body can have stenches attached to them, and if medication is involved, this could make them even stronger.

Eliminating these from your carpets will require using dedicated odour solutions. Created for such incidents. Using our vast experience, we are very good at this.


So, for example, someone has had too much to drink and is sick.

Apart from removing the emesis, it is the volume and smell that is associated.

When we receive a call for such an incident, we do get to you the same day. There is nothing worse than this pungent whiff.

Hotels are a very common call.





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