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Carpet cleaning in Wigan

Are you looking for an experienced Wigan carpet cleaners that only offers superior results at an affordable price? Modern techniques supported with quality equipment ensure you get the best possible service, at your home or workplace.

 Why choose us?

  •  Trained with over 22 years in the industry.
  • State-of-the-art industrial equipment for superior results.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • PLI insured for peace of mind.
  • We only use quality solutions.
  • We use van-mounted equipment, plus powerful portables to deliver an outstanding service. These allow is us to maximise our water pressure and temperature.

In this picture, we have stopped short near the doorway to take a photograph of this living room.

Showcasing our work is something we love to do.

Here is what we did.

The room had a lot of grease spillage on it. Now, normally we would vacuum. On this occasion, we could not as the fibres were too hard.

To combat this, we applied a degreaser solution. We allowed this to sit for ten minutes. We repeated this in the more pronounced areas. Preparation is very important to achieve the very best results.

Water temperature of 120f, with water pressure set at 300psi.

In some sections, repeated treatment was required to combat the stains.

Using quality solutions are also something that helps us stand out from the crowd.

The results speak for themselves I hope.

How much does this cost? For this customer, we charged £55.00 for chemical and steam extraction.

We do have a minimum call out which is £35.00


We invested heavily in training for our staff, so we can work safely and effectively to give the best results possible. Natural and manmade fibres can react differently to different chemicals. Understanding what fibres are being dealt with before you begin, is critical.

Experienced to identify hidden dangers such as colour run, shrinkage, and jute bleed. We are contacted regularly to remove moisture that self-taught or homeowners have left far too wet which are now starting to smell.

Our customers love our results, love our skills, our friendly approach, and our prices. Why don’t you join them and give us a call today, to see what we can do for your furnishings

Spot stain removal.

We are fully trained in advanced spot and stain removal techniques, even if you’ve had another company to your home who couldn’t remove some of your stains, there’s a good chance we can. Al though we don’t claim to be able to get every stain out, we certainly try our best using trained techniques, including advanced textile solutions for stains that just can’t be removed – but can be turned invisible to the eye. Commkon issues such as blood, tea and coffee, red wines, food and drinks.

Our process.

Our first step is to walk with the customer to identify stains and possible problems. Our survey will allow us to confirm what is to be done plus any problems that may occur. It is best to discuss this before starting so the customer knows what to expect, we also can go through the health and safety drill with the customer to avoid trips slips and other accidents waiting to happen.

We then proceed with a good vacuuming. Furniture that is to be moved is prepared on plastic sliders and anything that needs protecting is protected. We then start by administrating a pre-determined solution. This is usually chosen after we have identified the main soils. For instance, we have different solutions for soil as we do for greasy fibres. Maybe you have pets so we will add a deodoriser or you may have a newborn and insist on non-detergents. Either way, we have numerous solutions for every eventuality.

Once the solution has been sprayed down and has had time to dwell we sometimes agitate the pre-spray with a mechanical machine, either a rotary or CRB machine, whichever we feel is best for the particular job at hand, once all the prep work has been done we commence with the most important part, the high powered hot water rinse, pointless adding all those solutions to do a job if you don’t rinse them out, along with the soil afterwards.

Rinsing prolongs the onset of soiling. This keeps your furnishings fresher for a lot longer. It is a false economy if items aren’t being rinsed properly. We check for any stubborn stains. These are treated with different types of chemicals depending on the said stain. Again these are rinsed to remove any alkaline or acidic residue.

Once completely rinsed, we groom. Upholstery is then placed back in its original position. We protect the legs or bottoms of the furniture with either silver foil tabs, or polystyrene blocks. This prevents moisture from penetrating the furniture and also stops rust and teak marks. We use air moving equipment. This service is extra but most furnishings can be used within 2-4 hours. Please be aware of the company’s saying products will be dry within an hour. They may be to the touch, but if you are penetrating deep down into a fabric you cannot seriously believe that fabric to be dried in under an hour.

If anything is then it has been dry cleaned. In some certain instances, we use our low moisture system, usually where there is a high volume of electrical sockets, appliances, etc. We promote the correct way to sanitise fabric which is with water.

We finally leave you with some instructions and aftercare tips.



When tackling sofa’s we should understand its construction. Reading the instruction tag may be misleading. We have known some of these which are attached to be incorrect. So it may say your furniture can be wet cleaned when in fact it can not. Thus causing irreversible damage. Leave this to the trained. Being able to identify the fibre by way of a burn or float test. Use quality chemicals, whether this is for general dirt, odours, or stains.


A lot of homes have a rug. From small to lounge size and bigger. Some are the centrepiece of a room.

Extracting stains, grime, and odour. Many have tassels or fringes.

Our methods vary from type to type and this would be discussed with you after our survey.


Urine Removal

This is a very common issue we deal with every day.  Extracting the smell we need to locate where it is living. We do this via litmus paper and UV torches.

Like any liquid, it will sink into the fibre. So we need to go lower than the fibre itself.

This could be uplifting underlay, turning a sofa upside down, and removing the webbing. Masking a smell may last for a day or two. You want it removed permanently. 

Renting a machine

We strongly encourage customers to not attempt their DIY and leave this to an experienced operator. What you may not understand is the fibre you want to clean. Is it manmade, is it natural yarn? What is the best way to tackle this? Can I get it wet or should it be dry? 

Doing it yourself may seem the easier and cheaper option. What you pay for is what you get.

Costs may be around £50.00  for a daily rate plus certain shampoos that quickly add up 

Our charges for a standard lounge start at £55.00, a through lounge £75.00, stairs £30.00.

All prices are subject to size, pre clean condition.








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