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Choosing the Best Carpet for the Rooms in your home

Living Rooms

Living rooms are subject to both high foot traffic levels AND increased risk of spillages, and so require a carpet that is not only hard wearing and durable, but that can also resist stains. In addition, the living room often plays host to guests, and so usually needs to look good too.

Wool and man-made carpets have a natural resistance to staining, and carpets can also be given a stain-resistant treatment. However, you’ll still need to deal with any stain straightaway in order to prevent any lasting damage. High density pile carpets (40 oz. minimum) should provide a good level of durability.

Dining Room Carpets

The major consideration when choosing a carpet for the dining room is the possibility of stains and spills; a carelessly dropped glass of red wine can ruin a carpet, so it is important to choose a carpet that can resist stains. Alternatively, you may decide to buy a rug for your dining room; if you experience any major disasters, a rug can be replaced at far less cost and inconvenience than a carpet. You’ll need to choose one that is at least 1.5 m (60 inches) wider and longer than your dining table.

Kitchen carpets

Carpets are not a particularly fashionable choice for this area of the home as they will be exposed to all sorts of potential staining. However, if you still want a carpet for your kitchen then consider carpet tiles. These have a low pile height and are easy to clean and should one prove just too stubborn then you can just easily lift and replace with a new one.


The hall is the first place that we enter the house, and as such attracts the highest level of foot traffic and accumulates more dirt and debris than any other room. In addition, many halls are narrow, so the traffic is concentrated into one single strip.

This means that a hard wearing, dense, durable carpet is essential, perhaps in a pattern or darker colour to help hide the dirt. You may also want to consider using a runner along the hallway, which can offer both style and protection to this busy area.


Like hallways, stairs see a lot of foot traffic, and so can benefit from a hard wearing and durable carpet that can resist dirt. A high-quality hard twist or loop pile carpet is a good choice, although loop carpets can tend to fray at the edge of the stairs over a long period of time.


Not as fashionable as they used to be, but all the same many people still desire carpet in bathrooms, ensuring warmth and comfort underfoot. However, the fibre content and the carpet backing should be carefully considered. We recommend that a carpet that is rubber backed and go for a 100% nylon or polypropylene fibre blend. Be warned that traditional fibres and jute backings will retain moisture and that can make your spa-like haven of tranquillity smell damp and musty. There are specialist bathroom carpets available.


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a bedroom carpet is “Whose bedroom is it for?” Whilst a luxurious, cream-coloured carpet may be a good choice for an adult’s bedroom, a darker, easy-to-clean carpet is probably more suitable for young children. A cut pile carpet is often best for kids’ rooms, as it feels soft to the touch; very important if they spend long periods of time playing on the floor.

Spare bedrooms don’t tend to get a lot of use, so you could get away with choosing a lower density pile than main bedrooms.

Always get your local carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets once every six to twelve months.

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