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Carpet cleaning can be complicated if you don’t understand what you are dealing with. That is why your local Leigh Carpet Cleaner attended dedicated training schools.

These schools teach and educate technicians on how to identify fibres and fabrics. What is the safest method, the best solutions, and understanding of the chemistry involved? How to deal with stains and odours.

What is the process

As mentioned earlier, you can not just clean a carpet without understanding its construction. Heat is a factor we take into account.

For instance, you wouldn’t use hot water when dealing with wool, but you can use synthetic water. Our over twenty years of experience lets us know instantly how we would complete the work for you.

Leigh Carpet Cleaners

Steam extraction is the most popular method used

This is what this customer had done for them.

Whatever method is chosen are first action is to hoover. We do this so that any solution or chemical used has a better percentage of grasping onto the fibre or fabric.

Using a lemon fragrant alkaline, we apply this under pressure. Going back and forth, and overlapping. We now agitate this using a machine. Once complete, we allow this to dwell for at least ten minutes. The ratio we used is dependent on the severity of the dirt.

For this customer, they had pets. We also had an odour to deal with. As the chemical treatment was going off, we set up the machinery. Water pressure was set to 300psi, with the temperature set to a constant very hot water.

We work behind the upholstery first, then gave us a good area to deal with. Using back-and-forth strokes. For every wet pass we do, we do three dry passes. This maximises the moisture we recover.

Once half the room was complete, we placed an air mover to speed up the drying times. We continue with the rest of the room.

When the full lounge was completed, we moved the drying apparatus to just inside the doorway as we put all our equipment back.

Without the air mover drying times would be around 2/3 hours. With, we half this time.

Upholstery Cleaners Leigh

With furniture, we always check the fabric for worn or damaged areas such as fraying, or just holes. We will take pictures and discuss the outcome with the customer before any work commences. We may even ask you to sign a waiver form.

Different solutions are used as we are dealing with a more delicate and fragile fabric.

We begin our work at the rear and sides. Clean, wipe down and renap.

This then gives us the rest of the sofa to deal with. Start on the headrests, as this is where a lot of grease tends to live. Next the arms.

We find these just grubby. And finally, the seating area. If double-sided, this will be included in the price. We do charge extra for throw-on cushions.

When we have finished, we place an air mover in the centre of the furniture as we tidy up.


Urine removal

Most enquiries we receive are from pets, however we have calls about human accidents. A lot of people try to sort this out themselves without any success. One needs to realise wee is a liquid, and when it falls onto a material, it will soak.

You have the carpet and underneath that is the underlay. And this is where the smells grow and get stronger over time.

We do have dedicated solutions and most jobs can be completed just with powerful flushing. Some circumstances may be a little more complicated, which means replacing the underlay,


Unsightly marks from urine, coffee, wine, food, blood and vomit are just a few of the daily occurrences we encounter. Only dedicated and proven solutions are used. We must be careful extracting these marks for you.


Some properties we go to require odour treatments. It’s not common, but we have to be prepared. For instance, someone who has several dogs has incontinence to drugs. We may need to use ozone machines for more complex situations.

Renting a machine a carpet cleaning machine in Leigh

Hiring a machine to do the work yourself may seem a great idea to save yourself some money. But please head with caution.

Is it worth it? You will be working with inferior machinery and substandard shampoos. You probably don’t know how to recognise the fibre you want to clean, if at all you can use water. If not, it will shrink.

You also have to collect and return. For me detailed information please see this link.



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