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Leather Upholstery Cleaning

What is leather cleaning?

Before we get into that, you need to understand several things.

Not all hides can be cleaned in the same way.

Our survey identifies what can be cleaned, and which processes and specific chemicals are suitable. What we do not want is any colour run.

Any error during this process can cause permanent damage, so please only use trained and certified cleaners.


This is our process 

1/ Vacuum using a soft brush to remove any loose debris.

2/ Create a solution after doing a test section. Our chemicals also help remove odours.

3/ Clean each area thoroughly. A soft brush and or a clean terry towel will be used to agitate breaking down contaminants.

4/ Revisit common areas such as the headrest and arms, addressing stains and marks such as grease and dye transfer.

5/ Feed the leather sofa. This is very important. Hides, over time, lose their oils and this is where one can see the cracking. Re-oiling helps the hide’s suppleness.


Your three-piece suite is now ready to use.


How much does it cost? As an example, to clean a three-seater sofa would be £65.00.



Why Is It Necessary to Care for Your Furniture?

Oils from both the bodies of humans and animals can easily stick to the hide. Oil applied to the hair and hands can easily rub off and stick since people almost often relax their heads and hands while sitting on the furniture. This will negatively impact the protective finishes if left for a long time. This is why you need an expert to dislodge the accumulated oils. 

Also, dust is in abundance and does not need your permission to permeate surfaces. Cooking oils are also carried by air, which can cause them to tear and wear out early; this is why occasional advanced cleaning is necessary. 

 Dyes used on clothes like types of denim can diffuse, and even the drawing inks used by your kids as they settle on your furniture to do their drawings. For this and other reasons, occasional specialist cleaning is required. 

Bear in mind that leather does not resist oil and that the two do not go hand in hand. You may get rid of common stains and dirt from your furniture, but when it comes to cleaning out accumulated oil deposits that are not even seen physically, you will need our professional help.





Professional leather upholstery cleaning
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