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We realise the importance of preserving the precious rugs you entrust in our hands. That is why we included professional rug cleaning into our pantheon of phenomenal cleaning services.
Our experienced team are familiar with all the different fibres and they know hot to handle even the most delicate of rugs. You can be sure that your beautiful rugs will be handled with great care and we will bring them to their previous glory.
Professional Rug Cleaning Service

.We have the necessary equipment, chemicals and techniques, including experience to safely and efficiently clean even rugs that are extremely dirty or heavily soiled. We care about the environment and our surroundings that is why all our cleaning methods are conducted with the use of ecologically friendly cleaning products. We bring our professional expertise and top-class services at reasonable prices.  

The correct maintenance and special care towards your expensive rugs will prolong their life and you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time. That is why if you know what is best for your rugs you will let us take care of them and clean them properly. It is best to have your beautiful rugs professionally cleaned if you want to preserve their beauty and luxurious look.

A typical scenario would be 

1/ Fibre identification- This is very important. Understanding a fibre  is paramount for what chemical is used, what cleaning system is used, also what maximum temperature can be applied.

2/ Loose soil

Customers are amazed when we show them how much loose soil is removed.

To do this we use a machine called a badger. This beats the reverse side of a rug, releasing particles.

Next we vacuum thoroughly. We now have a dust free canvass to work with,

2/ Stains- Removing these eye sore’s is normally the main reason why people use our service. They may have attempted to do this themselves , without success.

How we remove stains is down to chemistry. As mentioned always use an appropriate stain remover. This is were our training and twenty plus years in the field help us achieve excellent results.


Using the appropriate method, we work methodically, uplifting dirt, urine, dust mites, allergens, bacteria.


We are able to provide quick, reliable rug cleaning services for your household 7 days a week.  See for yourself why we are the best choice when it comes to having your irreplaceable rugs professionally cleaned. Our loyal clients are well aware that they can trust us and we are always able to provide quick and effective rug cleaning service


So if your rug has suffered from spills, urine, red wine, don’t panic we can help.

If you are interested in what we offer or if you have any questions, you can always call us on 01925 540613. To purchase our rug cleaning service online use our request a service form. Our office  are available seven days a week and even in the evenings so we can pay you a visit at a time that is most comfortable for you! If you’re worried about extra charges because the time is unusual, well, you don’t have to be because there aren’t any! 

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