Removal of blood 

Blood extraction from Carpets and Upholstery


Nose bleeds, cuts, abrasions and your pet bringing in a dead animal. Yes, these are issues we deal with. Not very often, but it does happen and we need to be prepared for such enquiries and react quickly.

We attend jobs like this on the same day. This is classed as an emergency.

It is not nice to leave a customer stressed about this, so we will attend quickly. We may move appointments too, but we will get to you.

One thing I must stress is don’t try to remove this yourself. The temptation is natural, but you may make the issue worse.

Covering the blood with a cloth or some clingfilm may be prudent.

Some are more serious than others in volume.

What do we do?

Before any work takes place, we put on our protection equipment. We now flush the area with cold water under pressure. Using cold water will not seal in the stain. We repeat until we see clear water via the window in our hand tool.

Next is to treat the area with our dedicated solutions. We carry a variety with us.

The reason for this is some fibres such as wool can be more difficult to remove. If we are successful in the extraction, we will now treat the area with an antibacterial chemical followed by steam extraction.

We leave the fibres biologically safe.

How much does this cost

This is one costing that cant be given until the end of the job. It is dependant on the amount of specialist solutions used and our time.

We have attended jobs that have taken 15 minutes and others that have taken around three hours. We will have an idea so a ball park costing would be given which is not fixed.


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