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Dust mites and how to remove them

The House Dust Mite

“…How To Stop Your Lungs, Bronchial Tubes And Nasal Passages From Being Eaten Alive!

Dust Mites Don’t Bite Or Scratch But They Are A Deadly Danger To Your Health. Here’s Why…

A lot of “dust” in your house is not dust at all, it’s discarded skin. Bucket loads of the stuff.

The house dust mite, in its own little way, does us a favour by eagerly devouring it. Basically…

Your Skin Is Like A Great Big Juicy Steak For Dust Mites…

You see discarded skin and pet dander is like a big juicy steak to them. They can’t get enough and there’s plenty to keep them (and their many thousands of mates) gorging themselves.

But There’s A Hidden, Deadly Problem With This…

If you keep stuffing food in at one end, then sooner or later, something is going to come out of the other end. And that is where your problems really begin.

It’s All To Do With How The Dust Mite Digests It’s Food.

You know that we have strong acid in our stomachs to break down and digest our food, yes?

Dirty Carpets = Dust Mite Heaven

Well dust mites have their own special enzymes that break down human skin.

Dead OR alive skin, the enzymes don’t care. They just keep devouring it.

This is digested and eventually got rid of in their droppings.

That’s when the trouble starts or rather, that’s when YOUR trouble starts)…

So, How Does This Play Havoc With Your Breathing?

Well, Dust Mites are microscopic creatures (invisible to the naked eye), whose droppings are many times smaller (and lighter) still.

So small, that once disturbed (by someone walking across the carpet, sitting on the furniture or moving in bed), they can stay floating about for hours. Guess where?

Yes, right up in the very air that you are breathing in! Which means…

 Every Time You Take A Breath…
You Are Gulping Down Millions Of 
Tiny, Flesh Eating Particles!

Right up and through into your nose, your breathing tubes and even your lungs. It’s almost like sniffing up millions of miniscule, flesh eating piranha fish!

Those Flesh Eating Enzymes Go 
To Work On The Insides Of Your Nose, 
Your Tubes And Your Lungs.

This is the start of what is known as sensitisation. From then on it’s down the slippery slope.

Once you become sensitised, you are an asthma attack waiting to happen. This could be triggered by pretty much anything… pollen, pet dander, traffic pollution, dust, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, whatever.

So how do we get rid of them?

Do we rip up our carpets and burn the furniture and bedding? That’s a bit extreme and does not work. You see

Despite What Some People Say, 
Replacing Carpets With Hard Floors 
Will Not Solve The Main Problem… 
— The “Tons” Of Discarded Skin.

In fact, it makes it worse because the skin cells have nowhere to settle. Of course, the easy solution would be to stop shedding skin. As this is impossible, we’ve got to look at other solutions.

If you have ever tried to keep a hard floored house, dust free, you will agree it’s nigh on impossible. Dust just keeps being blown up in to the air (the stuff we breathe, remember?).

Carpets and soft furnishings help by holding on to this “dust” until it can be removed. So how do we get rid of it?

Well, you definitely need our help but there are a few things that you can do yourself to start with.

Here’s What You Can Do Yourself, Right Now…

1/ Dust mites love warm, humid conditions.

These are more prevalent now with modern living conditions (central heating, air conditioning, less open fires that circulated the indoor air better etc).

Whenever you get the chance you need to increase the ventilation by opening the windows and get as much fresh air as possible into your house.

2/ Vacuum your carpets, settees, sofas AND mattresses regularly.

This needs to be done with an efficient vacuum cleaner with really good filtration.

Your machine filters must be kept clean and unblocked. The filtration is vital because if you do not remove the dust / dirt and then capture it, you will send it back into the atmosphere.

This means you will breathe all the nasty stuff back in!

Have you ever been somewhere where someone is “vacuuming” with an inefficient cleaner? Remember how you could taste the dust in your mouth and nose? Well that’s the yucky rubbish we spoke about earlier (you DO NOT want to breathe that in).

When You’ve Done That, 
Here’s What We Can Do For You… 
It’s Where The Real Action Takes Place…

You need to have your carpet professionally cleaned. It sounds simple but it’s not. Remember I said dust mites love humid conditions? Well they thrive in carpets that have been “cleaned” by unskilled “cowboys”.

A Badly Cleaned Carpet Provides Optimum 
Breeding Conditions For Dust Mites…

That’s because they love carpets that have been carelessly soaked. They are warm and moist; the perfect breeding ground for thousands more of the little devils.

A lot of so called cleaners will use cheap chemicals, and there cheapness will not have removed them (or their droppings) in the first place. Instead, they’ve left the carpets with optimum dust mite breeding conditions. So…

You’ve Lost A Few Quid and Gained A Few Thousand Extra Dust Mites!


That’s not exactly what you wanted was it? It MUST be done properly.

So what is different about the way we do it?

Well for a start, we use an amazing product that is safe for you and I but deadly for dust mites.

It’s also deadly for dirt, grease, viruses, allergens, bacteria (which cause smells) and any other organic “yuckies” in your soft furnishings (e.g. dust mite droppings, which it breaks down and then wraps up).

It works in a totally different way to other cleaning solutions as it has no harsh or harmful ingredients. It’s got tiny particles (the smallest known to man) which, when damp, whiz around in their solution, crash into and kill all the nasty organic stuff.

By doing things the right way we can have your carpets clean and dry fairly quickly but can you see the real important difference here?

The “Magic” Solution Keeps On Killing The Bad Guys…

If an untrained “splash and dash merchant” leaves your carpet wet, it’s a breeding ground for mites.

With our system and solutions, whilst the carpet is damp (but drying quickly) the solution is still working. It will do so until the last tiny drop of moisture has gone.

The yucky stuff doesn’t stand a chance.

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