Carpet Repair Service


Have your carpet fibres been bleached through liquids or the sun’s UV lighting?

We may help you with a few suggestions.

When permanent damage occurs, we may still help you.

I can offer you two options.

Replacement Carpet Repair

We can cut out the damaged area as long as you have a spare piece of the same carpet. This is known as donor carpet.

First, we apply cold glue tape on top of the underlay.

Tidy up the edges with sharp scissors.

Place our new piece in place and check the fit.

Remove the carpet and apply glue to the base. Refit donor.

Next, we use a machine that is placed on top of the carpet. It melts the glue but does not burn the fibres.

We now use a small wheel cogged teeth. This applies pressure and feathers in the fibres to look as close to the undamaged carpet.

This repair hopefully is now invisible, but this is dependant upon the fibres’ natural length.


Carpet Dyeing Service

This may be for a full room or areas where replacement pieces are not available.

The process is to clean the said section.

We can match the colours.

This may be actioned via needle injections or under pressure via a machine sprayer.

The dye is adheres and becomes permanent within a couple of seconds.




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