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How to remove stains from carpets

Stains on your carpet can be an eyesore. They come in various sizes and colours.

Some are fixable and some are not during the standard cleaning process.

When a customer advises of a stain, our first question is what is the colour.

The colour gives us an indication of success.

If the mark is darker than the colour of the carpet and you have not tried anything we can during the normal extraction process, remove this.

In the event you have used shop products, this may be a little more difficult.

Yellow or orange marks indicate bleaching. The colour has been stripped from the fibre and will remain this colour after cleaning.


The daily challenges we encounter are:


Tea and Coffee




In the event of such an accident, we panic. Run for anything that will remove the problem.

Unfortunately, you have not read the instructions on the reverse of the spray bottle. Test in an inconspicuous area as this product contains bleach.

They don’t know what carpet you have. Is it wool, nylon, polypropylene or anything else?

You spray and scrub. Sometimes you are successful, sometimes not. However, that little repair work in a few days returns, bigger and darker.

This is called wicking. When you are DIY stain removing you scrub, pushing the problem into the base of the fibres. During the drying time, what you have used now rises to the surface.

If you think about it marks on clothes can have a stain remover applied, but you then wash it. As you know, the solution only helps break down the components for easier removal.

The same applies to carpets. It needs flushing out.

A lot of people resort to the internet for help. Reading such things as baking soda and vinegar. Dont.

My advice is to seek the services of a professional carpet cleaner for advice. Advice is free.

They will have the relevant dedicated solutions and equipment.

When a stain is permanent, what can I do?

Repair is an option- This is where the damaged area is removed and a donor piece of carpet is replaced.

The process is to cut out the section of concern. Tidy up the edges. Apply a specialist glue tape onto the underlay, then replace the new piece. We then heat seam this., making the joint look as natural as possible.

Re Colour your fibres

If a spare piece of carpet is not available you may want us to redye the damaged section. We identify the colour using our chart and create a dye to match your carpet. We then apply this in stages until the colours match. Please be aware this has a minimum charge of £100 per correction. We would only quote on this by viewing the work required.




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