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Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

We often hear different misunderstandings about the methods used to clean carpets and upholstery.
During our chat, we aim to clear up some common confusion and help you make an informed decision. Here are three common misconceptions:
1. You should only clean your carpets and upholstery when it is absolutely necessary, as frequent cleaning can cause your furniture to age faster.
This myth is false. Leaving long periods between professional cleaning allows soiling to build up, which can reduce the life of your furniture. The dirt that becomes embedded in the fibers acts as an abrasive and wears out the fibers quickly, compromising their integrity. Regular cleaning not only extends the life of your furniture, but it also helps keep your home healthy and allergen-free by removing microorganisms, mites, pollen, animal skin, and other allergens.
2. All carpet cleaners and methods produce the same results.
This is also false. While there are some instances where a “dry” cleaning method may be suitable, the best results are achieved with hot water extraction. However, the quality of the machine used, the chemicals used, and the technician’s skill and experience all play a role in the final outcome. It’s important to ensure that your local carpet cleaning company is registered, uses high-quality equipment, attends training courses, and holds full insurance.
3. Cleaning your carpets yourself is just as effective and cheaper than hiring a professional.
This is not true. Rental machines from supermarkets lack the power and quality of a professional machine, and the chemicals provided are not as effective. Using the wrong chemicals or over-wetting can cause shrinkage and odor, and treating stains with inappropriate chemicals can make them impossible to remove. A professional carpet cleaner undergoes proper training and uses a powerful machine to achieve excellent results while leaving your carpets dry quickly. The cost of hiring a professional may seem higher, but the cost of repairing or replacing damaged furniture is much higher.
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