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Rent a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Renting a machine may help clean the surface of your furniture, but you will not achieve a deep-down clean. Are you aware of what you are dealing with? Not all materials can be wet cleaned. Education and training are critical when dealing with sofas.


Professional carpet cleaning machines are many times more powerful and come with a trained individual. Use specific solutions for the different fabrics we encounter. Such as wool, polypropylene, nylon, etc. Identification of what is being cleaned is very important.

Our machine can deliver specific water pressure from 20psi to 1000psi. Our machinery can run vacuum hoses up to 150 feet with a constant steam vapour supply.

The power we use is being able to clean all fibres in one hit from the bottom to the tip, assisted by the strength of the vacuums to recover moisture.

Whilst I understand that the reason you are considering renting a machine is that of the cost. Let me run through the costs for you.

First, you will need to collect the machine.


How much does it cost to hire a carpet cleaning machine?


£24.99 Machine Hire

£9.99 /£19.99 The shampoo.

£12.99 Urine Remover

£6.99 Stain Remover

So let’s say your rental cost and material start around £54.00 and the purpose is to clean the living room, stairs landing and hallway, and maybe some bedrooms.

Now we rented a machine to put to the test.

What we did with the rental unit, returning the following day to re-clean using our machine. We lost count of how many times we had to refill the water tank and remove the dirty water. And yes, the water was dirty.

So 15 hours after we left the property, we returned. The fibres were still damp, despite the continuous dry passes we did. We vacuumed as much as we could.

A ph. test was carried out showing a ph. of 8.5, which shows residue was still PRESENT. Residue attracts dirt and wet carpets smell after a few days as mould microorganisms form.

Besides this, the time it took us to clean the said areas took 2 hours, and we had a lot of cleaning solutions left over. This is where the hire companies make their money, and also they are an inferior product to that used by those used by the trade.

The machine was also returned, which is a cost of fuel and time.

On the following day, we returned and re-cleaned the same area.

From arrival to leaving was 90 minutes.

What we did was vacuum first.

Applied our alkaline cleaner. Added an acid to the recovery tank and a defoamer to the clean waste reservoir.

Agitated this into the fibres

Filled our machine with fresh water and put the heater on. Also added is an acid that neutralises any alkaline.

Steamed thoroughly. The water removed from our machine was extremely dirty.

The result was the carpets were sanitised, smelt great, and dry within 2 hours of us leaving the property.

And the cost of this job was £90.00. Yes, it is double the price, but I deliver you with expert service, and the job is carried out correctly.

Your pet may have had an accident. You will fail in eliminating the urine. There is a process we follow to extract urine and associated odour. Please click here for further information.






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