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Protecting your carpets after they have been cleaned



 Once your carpets or upholstery have been cleaned , it may be prudent to have our stain guard applied.

This application forms an invisible shield or barrier. Attaching itself to the fibres of an item cleaned. 

It is to aid in the resistance of future liquid or food spillages.

Essential if you live with young children, it may be of a massive benefit.


So how does it work?

Once your carpet, sofa or rug has been cleaned and partially dried we apply this solution.

Using a wide spray we apply this going from left to right. There is a specific technique applying this. 

This is then left for ten minutes.

After this time we repeat the application but now go north to south.

This will guarantee we will capture every possible fibre.

Although this should be allowed to completely dry the manufactures claim that after 24 hours the protection will begin in earnest.

So what happens if a spillage happens.

Instead of liquid seeping into the underlay, the guard will allow the liquid to sit on top of the fibres.

 This will allow you to retrieve a paper towel.

Just place on top to absorb all the liquid.

 And that is it.

Food should be treated in the same way.


Now please bare in mind this will not last forever.

Our normal time frame is around 6 months.

The guarding deteriorates with friction and uv light, so repeated applications through the year would be recommended. 


A typical costing for this would be equivalent to what you are having clean as a rule of thumb.

Obviously the bigger the job, the greater reduction in price it would be.


As an example a typical standard living room would cost around £55.00 for chemical and stream cleaning. Add the protection for the same area and the costing would be £100.00


A through room total costing would be around £120.00


A three, two, one upholstery with protection would  around be £150.00


Replacing your furnishing is a lot more costlier than having an annual maintenance programme.










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