Carpet cleaners Knutsford

Carpet cleaning Knutsford

Our carpet cleaners in Knutsford love to have their skills tested. We see some amazing furniture that requires specialist solutions.

What process do we use?

We use three different methods. Each is specific for different filaments.

Let me explain the difference to you.


Steam extraction

This is where our machine generates water vapour at incredible temperatures that penetrate all filaments from base to tip.

At 120f+ this level of heat will eliminate bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and other virus issues.

We use a combination of alkaline solutions, acids, de-browning agents, tea, coffee, and red wine removers.

You may have stenches from pets that we resolve using a combination of deodorisers and heat.

For this customer, I completed the following.

1/ Survey- Helps us identify fibres, stains, and fittings. We can then set the customer’s expectations.

2/ A pet lived on this property with smells an issue. To combat this, we liberally applied an enzyme solution. This breaks down smells at the molecular level.

3/ Drinks had been spilled so we specific stain-removing products we applied.

4/ Set up our truck mount allowing the chemicals we have used to work.

5/ Flush the blemishes out using just cold water. Using heat may lock these marks in.

6/ Water pressure was set at 300psi with a temperature of 90f.

7/ We operated methodically. Moving furniture as we work. Placing covers on the feet of the legs.

8/ Check our work. If happy, continue.

9/ Once complete, re-nap the pile.

10/ Place air movers to speed up drying.

 Carpet Cleaning Knutsford

How much did we charge?

Our cost was £75.00 for a large through lounge.


Now, this job was a challenge. It was formerly the offices for a garage so you can imagine what contents we were dealing with. Oil, grease, spillages of all kinds.

We knew what fibre we were dealing with. The issue was staining.

Once our survey was completed, we tried out our new formula.

This is a pH 13.5 alkaline solution.

Visually splitting the room into four sections.

Upon contact, you could see the solution was breaking down the dirt.

After a dwelling time of five minutes, we proceeded to work.

With fresh water heated to 120f, the muck was easy to extract.

Now, being able to view the stains, these were treated. We then washed the same area again.

The final result was amazing. Better than I could have hoped for.

Low moisture

Use minimal liquid because the fibre is water-sensitive. Overwetting may cause shrinkage or distortion. Once this damage has been caused, this can not be rectified.

We would approach this with viscose, silk, and other natural yarns

You may have heard of a Wilton.

The construction in the warp and weft shrinks if over-wet and dries.

To improve the appearance of any fabric, we vacuum first. This normally releases around 80% of loose dust.

What can you expect with this method? Around 30% of the filament is penetrated. Our survey would set the customer’s expectations before any work commences.

Also, the cost is slightly higher.

Bonnet Process

We use this when working in large areas such as hotels, schools, and care homes.

A wool pad is attached to a machine that rotates across the given area.

Chemicals are used.

Stain Removal

Please refrain from using shop products. These contain bleaches and can cause damage.

If you read the small print, it clearly states – TEST in an inconspicuous area. Why do they advise this? So you don’t cause damage. Once the product is open, you can not return it either. Our solutions are specific to the problems we encounter, such as blood, rust, food, protein, urine, vomit and others.



This body extract, if left unattended, can become a smell. It can also cause damage if the stain turns yellow or orange. This is bleaching. Depending on the fibre, we can sometimes rectify this.

Using UV lights and litmus paper, we can detect the exact area of contamination. We have several levels we deal with, ranging from a power flush to having to replace the underlay.

To understand what goes into this, please read our blog on urine removal.


Renting a machine

The temptation is there. Hire a machine to tackle the work yourself. Is it worth all that hassle?

Like any tradesperson, they will have undergone training, have certificates behind them, plus experience. In my case, over twenty years.

Cost is the most common reason for the do-it-yourself person.

A typical cost would be £24.00 for the actual machine. Besides this, you now have chemicals that must be purchased. Let us say £15.00 for shampoo, £10.00 for stain removal, and £10.00 for a deodoriser.

An outlay of £59.00.

Do you know what you are working with? Can they be wet-cleaned? What happens if you cause damage such as shrinkage?

To give you an idea of what our costs are in comparison.

Standard Living Room £55.00

Through Lounge from  £65.00

Stairs                                £35.00

Now you have to collect and return your hire

  Upholstery Cleaners Knutsford

Furniture takes a lot of pounding. Food and drink spillages. Pets sitting and drooling on them. Sticky, greasy hands. The list goes on.

To give your sofa the best chance of longevity, it is best to have an annual visit. Keeping the fibres in their healthiest state possible.

Headrests, arms, cushions, pipework, and sides are all dealt with.

Steam extraction is the most popular method available as this gives the best outcome in other systems.

Working section by section. Once complete, we wipe the furniture with fresh terry towels. This shows if we have delivered a good job. If for any reason we view a dirty patch on the towel, we re-clean that section.

Drying times vary based on the fabric and humidity of the room. As a rule of thumb, it will be around four hours before drying. Therefore, we like to do this work in the mornings.

Leather Upholstery

That lovely aroma given off from the hide will over time fade away. You may have seen some furniture with cracks in it. This is because the hide is losing its nourishment.

When we work your leather sofa, we use a process.

First, we vacuum using a soft brush. Removing any dust or loose particles down the sides.

We now create a solution that is used to wash down the hide. Always use a white cloth. Starting at the rear and working our way to the headrests, seating area and arms. Extracting all the built-up grime and grease.

The final phase is to treat the leather with our quality creams. This solution moisturises the hide, giving back its lush soft feeling. We advise this is repeated every twelve months to extend its longevity but also to keep the suppleness.




























Can you access three storey property. Are you still able to access our top floor?
We carry over 120ft of hoses. Reaching the top floor is not a problem. Use hooks when required. 
My dog has had an accident. Are you able to eliminate this odour and stain?
 Chemistry is used to remove odours and pet issues.

Steam extraction can eliminate smells, with the assistance of chemicals. 

How much does it cost for your services?
Whilst we have standard prices, such as a flight of stairs being £30.00. a standard lounge being £55.00 this can change should extra work be required. Such as stain removal, urine removal, plus other variants. This is why we like to visit to view your requirements.
Do you have a minimum call out charge?
Yes our minimum call out charge is £35.00
How quickly are you able to visit me to carry out the work?
Pending what needs doing we like to be able to action the works for you as quickly as possible. It all depends on our workload at the time. We do work into the evening should this be an option for you. We class vomit and excrement removal as an emergency.
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