Accidents caused by animals and humans can leave an unpleasant odour on carpets. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including the sex of the culprit or medication they are taking. The odour is typically comprised of salts and ammonia, which are used to kill germs and are yellow. This can leave a yellow patch on the carpet backing.


Removing the odour requires the use of a powerful UV light to identify the contaminated area, as well as a sensitive machine to detect the smell. However, not all removals are the same and some may require a more expensive and time-consuming procedure.


Sometimes, a simple application of a specific chemical can be used to destroy the odour, salts, and colouring. Steam extraction is the recommended system to use for removing chemicals and odours from carpets. However, this process may bleach certain fibres, which will require a dye application procedure to reverse the effect.


In severe cases, such as when a person urinates on the carpet and the underlay and subfloor are saturated, the carpet will need to be lifted, and the underlay and subfloor treated with an odour-destroying and antibacterial chemical. This is a costly procedure that includes the cost of refitting the underlay and carpet, as well as steam cleaning twice under pressure.


When it comes to removing urine from rugs, the procedure is different. The rug is removed from the site and placed in a dedicated bath where chemicals are applied, and it is hosed down and brushed until the colour of urine stops leaving the rug. This action happens to the front and back of the rug. The rug is then placed in a centrifugal machine to spin and remove excess water. This process is repeated, and the rug is cleaned either by hand or by machine depending on the fibers.


Removing urine from upholstery is a complex process that requires a survey to identify the fibers and the severity of the damage. Some fibers may have changed color and will not respond to cleaning, which means the odor can be removed, but the bleaching of the fiber will remain. In severe cases, the webbing may need to be removed from underneath the upholstery, and the structure of the upholstery treated before cleaning.






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