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Carpet cleaning in Skelmersdale is our passion. We all love to have carpets and upholstery. Maintaining them is another thing. Manufacturers suggest an annual service to maintain furnishings’ longevity and look. This advice will vary from property to property.

You may have a busy household where more frequent servicing is required. Pets are another reason why a more regular visit.

Our team has many years of experience. Have trained with both the Iicrc and Ncca. Covering basic, intermediate, and advanced courses.

Like any trade, you can not just jump in and hope for the best.

Understanding what fibers you are dealing with, how to remove stains correctly, and dispel odours.

To assist our team to achieve the very best results we invest in both quality machinery and chemicals.


Before any work commences, we will conduct a survey. We must know what fibre we are dealing with. This determines which method we use.

For example, a polypropylene carpet can have any system used on it, however, a Wilton should only be a dry method. The reason for this is that a Wilton will shrink if moisture is used.

We check for stains, fitting, and joints.

Skelmersdale Carpet Cleaners


Steam Extraction

Otherwise referred to as hot water extraction. This is the preferred system used. Using water pressure and heat to penetrate fibres. This will extract deeply ingrained dirt, most stains and smells. We control temperatures from cold to very hot vapour. 

Besides this, we have quality solutions to assist us in tackling the toughest of jobs. We carry alkalines, acids, deodorisers, tea and coffee eliminator, rust remover, red wine reducer plus many more.

This is our most popular way to work.


Dry Method

Some fabrics like the clothes we wear have specific washing cycles. Although this method is dry it is better to claim it is minimal moisture. This is how it works and when it is used.

For instance a Wilton. The construction of the weave and weft if it receives too much moisture will shrink.

A light spray of our solution as in a mist. Followed by a dry compound. This looks like sand. This is liberally applied and agitated using a machine with counter-rotating brushes. Once the area is completed we allow this to dwell for twenty minutes. This absorbs dirt and odours. We then vacuum to remove all the dry compounds.

Results vary and the expectations are explained before work.


Bonnet System

Used in larger areas such as schools, care homes, and hotels. Using a wool pad this rotates.

This only tackles the surface. As no heat is present no sanitisation will occur. When providing our quotes we explain the differences between the systems available. Costs will vary.


To provide you with a gauge for our prices

Minimum call out-  £35.00

Stairs are £35.00 per flight.

Lounge from £55.00

Through Lounge from £70.00

Bedrooms from £25.00


Our pets and even us humans have urine accidents. The vast majority is animal-related but treated in the same way. 

Most will dab up pee, or try to. If you are lucky you won’t have problems.

We split up the extraction into three areas.

1- Easy   This is where extraction will remove any remnants or staining during the service of your furnishings.

2- Medium  Use a Uv light to identify the multiple areas of contamination. Use specific chemicals to aid in the breakdown of stains and smells.

3- Upheaval  Liquid sinks and when done in vast quantities the only option is to uplift the underlay and treat the subfloor. If a porous subfloor such as wood we need to treat this and allow it to dry. Sometimes this work may take two visits to fix successfully.


Smells are not pleasant. You may have tried sprays, opening windows, and using bicarbonate of soda. We carry solutions that eat odour at the molecular level.

We apply this chemical after we have completed our work.

When dealing with the likes of smoke, weed, or anything else that has penetrated the walls and ceiling as these are porous we would use our ozone machine.


Panic sets in when a spillage occurs. Our advice is to blot this up. Never rub. Dab with lukewarm water.

Shop products are your go-to item. A word of warning. These contain bleach that could cause damage.

Stain Guard

An invisible barrier of protection. Applied after works are completed. This is an extra charge.

Leather Furniture

We suggest an annual maintenance programme. The hide requires to keep its suppleness. Dirt and grease start to block the pores. Using specialist solutions and creams are used to keep your furniture in the best possible condition.  

Fabric Sofas

What method should be used? Hwe, dry, low moisture. This is determined when we action our survey. Reclining chairs such as lazy boy have electrical components. We are very careful when dealing with this.

Revitalising furniture although therapeutic is time-consuming.

What can you expect to pay?

For a two-seater £50.00

For a three-seater £ 65.00

2+3 seater £95.00


Rental Machines

Can you do it yourself? Machines are available to rent.

What costs can you expect?

The actual hire is £25.00

Shampoo           £15.00

Other                  £10.00

So a probable minimum expenditure would be £50.00

However, you need to carry out the work yourself. Collect and return.

Regular calls from the public seeking our help as they now have a musty smell that just won’t go away. This is caused by overwetting. Your underlay is damp and is now forming mildew.

Is it worth it?






We live in a three storey property. Are you still able to access our top floor?

We carry over 100ft of hoses. Reaching the top floor is normally a problem.

My dog has had an accident. Are you able to eliminate this odour and stain?

 Chemistry is used removing odours.

Steam extraction will eliminate odours, with the assistanc of the chemicals  to most rid stains. 

How much does it cost for your services?

Whilst we have standard prices, such as a flight of stairs being £30.00. a standard lounge being £55.00 this can change should extra work be required. Such as stain removal, urine removal, plus other variants. This is why we like to visit to view your requirements. Size does matter. Customers often get room sizes wrong which affects pricing.

Do you have a minimum call out charge?

Yes, our minimum call-out charge is £45.00. Please ask about our standard costs.

How quickly are you able to visit me to carry out the work?

Pending what needs doing we like to be able to action the works for you as quickly as possible. It all depends on our workload at the time. We do work into the evening should this be an option for you? In the event of an emergency such as vomit or diarrhea, we will get to you that day. 

 Carpet and  Upholstery cleaning service in Skelmersdale. Call us now on 07787 347010
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