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Mattress cleaning Service

Have you ever considered having your mattress professionally cleaned?

Am taking the answer at the moment is No.

Let me guide you through the reasons you should have your mattress cleaned and at least once a year.

You sleep on it for about a third of your life.

Adults have sex on it.

You sweat on it.

You transfer bodily fluids on it.

And finally, you are sleeping with dust mites.

Just putting a sheet on to protect the top surface is not suffice.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures. You can put 5k of them on the tip of a needle.

The average uncleaned mattress will hold several million of these little creatures and you can breathe them in.

They snowball. Interbreed. Use your sleeping compartment as their toilet.

Have you had a scratch yet?

So let me explain what we do and how we clean your mattress.

We will apply an acidic chemical. We ALLOW this to dwell. This chemical breaks down the stairs, browning marks and odours.

If we are tackling blood stains, this can be a little more problematic. Blood can actually be a permanent stain and we can make no guarantee this will be removed.

The actual cleaning process can now take place.

We will use steam under pressure to clean your mattress.

The vacuum power and steam will kill the dust mites.

All sides of the mattress are treated.

Once complete, we place two air movers to speed up drying.

The benefits of this service is

1/ You are sleeping in a clean environment.

2/ If you have skin issues, asthma or other breathing ailments, this will help a lot

So what about drying times?

Depending on the internal humidity, anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. If we are cleaning a few on the same property, we will dry the first mattress as we are working on the next one.

Mattress Cleaning Costs

Single Mattress     (91cm x 190cm)    £35.00

Double Mattress (137cm x 190cm)   £40.00

King Size Mattress (152cm x 198cm)   £45.00


We offer discounts when cleaning 3 or more mattress.


Professional mattress cleaning service

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